Daniella Lehavi

For more than two decades, Daniella has led the designer accessories market. She established a brand that bears her name which today has become a network of 12 stores and employs more than 60 workers. She created a new design language that is original, loved and has a distinct Israeli signature. All products manufactured in Israel and meticulously hand-made ​​by artisans. Today’s products are sold in more than 100 points-of-sale worldwide, and in 2013 also won Accessories Designer of the Year award during Holon Fashion Week

On December 6, 2013 Daniella passed away. Now the unique Daniella Lehavi team, including her son Ori, the company’s CEO and creative director, the design team who worked with her and all company personnel work continuously to realize Daniella’s last wish. She asked to continue her life’s work, just as she had dreamed it, to carry on with optimism, maintain the fashion house she created with her own hands, and continue to bring joy and beauty to the lives of the brand’s customers.

Today, the Daniella Lehavi brand continues in its unique way while maintaining its original DNA and values ​​that led it to success, ensuring production quality and the determination to continue Daniella’s dream come true: to create in Israel, local design in high quality that is new and exciting.